Presidents Message

Dear Fellow board members,


The Carolinas Council is being awarded the Council Award of Excellence for 2015-2016.  None of this  would have been  possible without each and everyone’s help.  Thank you for all of your hard work this year.  I want to thank Tony Caspio for his counsel and guidance which were invaluable.   I would also like to recognize and thank Kim Coleman for spearheading our Scholarship award this year. 

I especially want to thank Kathy Rezendes and Cathy Sabodish,  the Spring council was great!  I know I twisted your arms to do it,  but I knew it would be flawless and it was.  Jennifer and Scott thanks for your hard work this year keeping the minutes and treasurer reports up to date.  Anita and Jill thanks for always making yourselves  available.  Peggy and Byrd thank you for always being there when I needed to know how it was supposed to be done.   (I listened more than you think.)  Mike thanks for keeping the website updated and for agreeing to do next years’ conference.  Brad thanks for getting us up to date on our audits.


Congratulations to everyone on our achievement. 


Jamie Long

President Carolinas Council